OPM: First Take

By Allaine Marie Pidoc

Original Pilipino Music (OPM) or sometimes called as Original Pinoy Music comes from the sweat, blood, and creative juices of our crown jewel music artist.

Some of the renowned Filipino artists who brought us OPM are Jose Mari Chan, APO Hiking Society, and Sampaguita as they left a remarkable reputation to this genre such as Christmas songs we usually hear every “ber months”, Panalangin, and Nosi Balasi.adasd

King of Christmas Carols, Jose Mari Chan

© Easy Rock

asdasd (2).jpg

APO Hiking Society

© Ukulele Tabs



© Team Manila Lifestyle



© MetroGig

It became more popular and iconic when the Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, and Rivermaya exposed us to a new sound during the 1990s—not the one that will tickle your ears but a tune with a twist rock and pop music like Alapaap, Ordertaker, and Himala.

Tons of their music still lingers to the ear of every Filipino. As for the record, Eraserheads’ album titled “Cutterpillow” earned an 11-time platinum by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry. The album sold 400,000 copies in the country making it the third best-selling album in OPM history and the most for any Filipino band or group. The album created a highlight in “Pinoy music” industry as it introduced classic songs such as Huwag Mo Nang Itanong, Overdrive, and the melodramatic Ang Huling El Bimbo.

OPM never goes out of tune. Huge numbers of millennials still jam and jive with its symphony. Its good resonance gives variety of vibes they want which could be amusing, relaxing, or thinking deeper.

One of the best qualities of our OPM that really catches the attention and ears of its listeners is it’s—deeper why—reason behind the lyrics, the words and notes to fill-in the gaps, and the selection of beat, tempo, and rhythm for that certain song.

Our very own Original Pilipino Music was created not just to amuse, relax, and entertain us but to give us a broader view on everything that surrounds us.




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