K-Pop: Why Is It So Popular?

By Kevin Anthony Quilantang

K-Pop is shortcut for Korean pop or Korean popular music usually consisted of electronic, hip hop, rock, and R&B from South Korea which is now popular all-throughout Asia and the whole world, thanks to the internet. Let’s be honest, majority of the K-Pop fans are actually not Korean and do not understand the language. Well, at least some of them are trying to learn it but most of them are not fluent. The real question is “Why there are many K-Pop fans worldwide?”

Here is a list of why is that so.

  1. K-Pop is actually not only limited to music but also fashion, style, and dance moves of the Korean artists which can influence teenagers and young adults.


© Pinterest

  1. It is engineered to engage viewers through music videos and performances usually composed of highly choreographed dance routines such as Gangnam Style by PSY which was a blast in 2012 and its views on Youtube until today is still increasing with 2.9 billion. Can you believe that? It was 5 years ago and people still watch this.


PSY’s Gangnam Style on Youtube with 2.9 billion views (as of October 9, 2017)

  1. The “point dance” which is made of repetitive and hooking movements like Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior where they rub their hands together side to side as a gesture for apology. Viewers can easily get it because the steps are simple.


Super Junior doing the “point dance” in their music video Sorry, Sorry

© Soulbeats

  1. Dedicated young audiences prefer to wear the clothes and accessories, copy the hairstyles, and use the cosmetic brands of their favorite K-Pop stars. That is the reason why fashion brands release copies of products used by their idols.


Bigbang’s G-Dragon replica t-shirt is for sale at AliExpress

  1. K-Pop idols are mostly young. Some of them made their debut at an early age such as BoA (commonly known as the “Queen of K-Pop) at age 13 and 2NE1’s former member Minzy at age 15.


Queen of K-Pop, BoA

© DKPopNews


Minzy, former member of 2NE1

© SUWalls

  1. South Korean government is very supportive with K-Pop as a cultural touchstone and it can help boost the country’s economy by disseminating the tune and music through social media. They also invest in training new artists.


© BeyondHallyu

  1. K-Pop performers must be disciplined such as having clean-cut appearance which makes them presentable to millennials.


© AllKP

  1. They perform in high-quality whether it is live or recorded.


2NE1 performing live

© KPopBehind

  1. K-Pop has its own rules and etiquette like younger or new stars must bow to their elders during events as a sign of respect or else they will be criticized by the media and the fans.


South Korean boyband SHINee bows in front of audience

© supershiningbeauty.wordpress.com

  1. Some of them are not only singers and dancers but also actors which can draw more audience. Jung Ji-hoon (better known by his stage name Rain) broke to Hollywood as he starred in Speed Racer as Taejo Togokahn and Ninja Assassin as Raizo. Former Bigbang member T.O.P. also had a role as a student-soldier in 71: Into the Fire.


Rain in Ninja Assassin



T.O.P. (right) in 71: Into the Fire

© Pinterest



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